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Why Choose UK College Admissions?

Having spent over a decade helping US students to study in the UK, we know that university admissions can be very challenging. Almost 150,000 US students studied in the UK from 2013-2018 and yet, frustratingly, there is still limited information and support for interested families.

We created UK College Admissions so that families and counsellors can access the information they need. We offer comprehensive guidance, in one single source, written specifically for a US audience.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or already have some knowledge about the UK, we will provide you with relevant information, enhance your understanding and enable you to make informed choices.

Meet The Team

UK College Admissions Gary Coulter Director

Gary Coulter

I have worked in international student recruitment for almost a decade and have spent the last 7 years supporting North American students interested in studying in the UK. Having met hundreds of families from North America over this period, I have come to appreciate the frustrations that students, parents and counsellors encounter in trying to make sense of UK Higher Education, it’s suitability for students and the application process. Prompted by this lack of easily accessible information for North American counsellors and families I founded UK College Admissions whilst still working as an International Recruitment Manager at the University of Bristol. The website aims to provide a comprehensive overview of UK Higher Education and applications in an easy to follow format.

I have a BA Hons degree in History and Spanish and outside of work I am a keen amateur rugby player, captaining a local team. I have grown to love and understand (more or less) American football, and I am a fan of the mighty Cincinnati Bengals – who dey!

UK College Admissions Lydia RobinsonDirector

Lydia Robinson

I have worked in international recruitment and partnerships since 2011. Having spent 7 years at Newcastle University before relocating to Bristol in February 2018 to undertake the role of Regional Manager at the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol.  I have been helping US students to study in the UK since 2014. The best part of my job is travelling to the USA and meeting with potential students and their families. I know UK admissions can seem difficult and confusing and I really enjoy helping students by making their process and transition to the UK as easy as possible.

I studied in Sheffield and have a Combined Honours degree in English Literature and Journalism. Outside of work, I love to keep up the travel and seek out sunshine, palm trees and cocktails wherever possible. However, I’m equally happy snuggling up at home with my cat George.