Choosing the Right UK University
Your 5 step guide to help you make the best possible decision

Studying in the UK

Once you have identified the program or program area you would like to study, you now arrive at the most critical decision of the whole process; choosing the right university. It is vital that you do your research well as the decision you make will have an impact on the next 3+ years of your life.

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Your 5 Step Guide

With over 160 universities and colleges in the UK and an almost limitless number of programmes available this can seem a very daunting task. Thankfully we have prepared a handy 5 step guide to help you make the best possible decision:

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  • Many people in the UK will be unfamiliar with Northwestern University but this is an excellent US University. Don’t discount UK Universities you have not previously heard of in favor of brand names. If you already have a specific university in mind, ask yourself carefully why that one is best for you?
  • Also, while you may be familiar with a UK town or city through TV or the movies, remember that they may look very different in real life as footage is often shot in entirely different locations.
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  • Nobody knows you better than yourself and so it is vital to make a choice that will make you happy. Consider carefully the student experience you want versus the university you are applying to. If you love the countryside, fresh air and dislike crowds, a central London university is likely a poor choice, no matter how big a brand it is.
  • The UK has a wonderful regional diversity, with different foods, accents and local attractions. Put in time and effort before choosing your “perfect” university. You must fully research your options as it may not be where you first think.
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  • University rankings can be a great way to start your research and are often a very good indicator of university quality. However, some lower ranked universities may be specialists in specific programs and therefore a much better choice for what you want to study.
  • Rankings measure many different things and so it is important to know the differences. There are a number of useful websites to help you make your decision and we have listed these on our Useful Links page.
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  • UK Universities are very approachable so reach out to staff in order to better understand the merits of each institution. Ask if you can be put in touch with alumni and current students to get the perspective from other US students.
  • Most UK Universities will have Instagram and YouTube accounts as well as student blogs. Utilise these tools to familiarize yourself with the university and visit ‘The Student Room,’ the UK’s biggest student community where you can talk to students studying at UK universities right now!
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  • There is no better way to choose a University than by visiting the campus. Students who do so often get an immediate sense of where they feel comfortable and will be happiest. If you contact universities in advance, they can often arrange meetings with admissions staff and in some cases academic staff.
  • The UK is very small (compared to the US) and so it is easy to visit several universities in a short period of time. For most students the town/city, as well as the university, is a big part of the overall experience and so we strongly advise spending some time exploring the local sights in each town or city.


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